Give your family a water filter – special financing available!

Dry cash flow over the holidays? Flexible financing allows your family comfort, and yourself peace of mind with a new water filter

It’s Christmas Day at your home in Southeast Michigan Area. Your floor is littered with gift wraps, bows and boxes. The honey-glazed ham is in the oven, the kids are tripping over their toys and your crazy uncle is on his third eggnog and brandy. It’s been a happy morning of giving and receiving.

All of a sudden, it starts. Nobody slept well because their sheets were stiff and scratchy, but your coffee is bitter. Your relatives are complaining that the water tastes and smells funny. The baby develops a rash from taking a bath. Your hot water heater breaks down and everyone, with the exception of your uncle, is freezing cold.

This doesn’t HAVE to happen

An unlikely worse-case scenario notwithstanding, any one of these things are possible with problem water. However, the gift of perfect water is a few clicks away – and it would cost you nothing until next year.

Financing options for reverse osmosis and whole home water filters, as well as water softeners, includes*:

  • A whole home water solution (HE Series Water Softener, Aqua Cleer Reverse Osmosis System and Premiere Care Service Plan) for only $50/month!*
  • A hot/cold bottled water cooler for $3.99/month!**

Whatever the circumstances, we’ll ALWAYS make it work!

Culligan of Ida offers solutions for nearly all financial situations, whether your credit is excellent or you have none at all. Our flexible payment plans, including our all-inclusive service plans with installation and maintenance, backed by one of the best warranties on the market and the option to join our privilege program . Renting a home? We offer rent and rent-to-purchase options as well, with no obligation to buy.

Short on time? Let us do the work for you…

For 80 years, Culligan of Ida has stood by its product as the water experts. Don’t settle for a big box retailer that doesn’t care what’s in your water, and will set your water filter or softner system and forget it. When you join the Culligan family, you get a quality product and exemplary customer service rolled into one! We deliver, install, and service your water conditioning equipment, while you deal with the other hassles — and crazy uncles — the holidays can bring.

*Credit check required for some offers. Dealer participation may vary. Introductory rate of 6.9% APR for 12 months, minimum of 1% down payment

**One-year contract required